Continuous Provision Guides

Become an expert in Continuous Provision

Invest in your professional development with this set of Continuous Provision Guides, packed with practical information to help you plan and resource your EYFS and KS1 learning environments.

Whether you choose one for yourself, or you buy a full set for your school, you will find the guides an essential resource to help you review and develop your provision both inside and out, becoming a cherished reference point used time and again.

Discover in each guide

  • The principles of best practice
  • Help to plan and resource continuous provision
  • Advice about managing routines and the role of the adult
  • A full set of provision plans for each area of provision
  • Discussion points and activity ideas to support development

Beautifully presented and highly practical, these guides are a vital resource for students starting out, EYFS & KS1 teachers wanting to know more and leaders working to embed quality practice.

Guide to Continuous Provision

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Guide to Continuous Provision

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Guide to Continuous Provision Outdoors

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Guide to Continuous Provision Full Set

Invest in the full set of Provision Guides for yourself or your school and gain a wealth of information about how to plan differentiated provision indoor and out for children aged 3-7yrs.
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