Complete Classroom Area Set 3-4yrs

£14,175.00 exc. VAT (£17,010.00 inc. VAT)

This Complete Classroom Area Set 3-4yrs enables you to rapidly establish ready-made provision across all areas of learning. Featuring fully resourced provision areas, this set provides a complete solution to equipping your early years nursery. With mid level shelving units, carefully curated resource collections and storage, this area set will support a rich and stimulating environment for your children.


Invest in a complete solution to rapidly resource your early years classrooms when you buy our Complete Classroom Area Set 3-4yrs.

Whether you are equipping brand new provision or refurbishing existing classrooms, our unique range of provision areas offer many opportunities for play, learning and development. All carefully developed for both quality and purpose, our aim is to support you in equipping a rich and stimulating curriculum across all areas of learning.

This Complete Classroom Area Set 3-4yrs includes:

  • Complete Water Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Wet Sand Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Dry Sand Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Dough Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Paint Easel Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Workshop Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Woodwork Area 3-5yrs
  • Complete Transient Art Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Science Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Maths Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Mark Making Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Books & Puppets Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Music Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Small World Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Small Block Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Large Block Area 3-5yrs
  • Complete Small Construction Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Domestic Role Play Area 3-4yrs
  • Complete Real Life Role Play Area 3-4yrs

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.

Sustainable Forestry & Certification
All of our furniture is manufactured in the UK using wood-based panel products certified by PEFC and/or FSC. This means that the timber is from verified, well-managed forests, which ensures a renewable and sustainable resource with the lowest possible environmental impact.

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