Complete Dry Sand Area Set 4-5yrs

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Children will start to investigate the properties of dry sand and learn key maths, science and language concepts when exploring our Complete Dry Sand Area for 4-5yrs. This wide range of open-ended early years resources will support play and learning while sustaining children’s interest for long periods of time.



Our Dry Sand Area Set 4-5yrs provides a wide range of resources that will support play and learning. Children will begin to investigate the properties of dry sand – exploring how it moves and flows, learning key maths, science and language concepts in the process. As a highly sensory open-ended resource, children will have many opportunities to explore known materials, make links and act out experiences as well as explore shape, space and quantity.

An essential addition to your classroom or setting, this ready-made Dry Sand Area for Set 4-5yrs will engage and entertain young children. Complete with a selection of jugs, tubing and sieves encourage the learning of key curriculum concepts of similarity and difference, shape and space, speed and flow, force and direction by offering this exciting collection.

Combining dry sand with gravel makes a great base for real life scenes such as building sites with diggers or habitats for desert animals, the ideal setting for learning about asking questions, describing materials‚ properties and expressing emotions. As well as these key curriculum concepts, our Dry Sand Area Set for 4-5yrs also encourages the development of problem solving skills, co-ordination and control of objects and materials, as well as imaginative play and story making.

Investing in an Early Excellence complete area will provide you with a rapid solution in creating an inspiring and enriching environment for your children.

This Dry Sand Area Set 4-5yrs includes:

  • High-level Shelving Unit
  • Large Octagonal Tray
  • Dry Sand Resource Collection 4-5yrs
  • Dry Sand Storage Collection 4-5yrs
  • Suitable for age 4 and over

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