Complete Real Life Role Play Area Set 4-5yrs

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Help children create their own imaginary worlds, invent new ideas and develop conversational skills with our ready-made Real Life Role Play Area Set for 4-5yrs. From a police officer to a veterinary nurse, a chef to a post office worker, children’s imagination will flourish with this exciting collection.


Provide young children with the opportunity to pretend and play familiar roles and characters from their everyday lives with this ready-made Rea Life Role Play Area Set 4-5yrs. A well-resourced role play provision will encourage children to create their own imaginary worlds, invent new ideas for their play and develop skills in conversations as their imaginations flourish through exploration and make believe play.

This extensive Real Life Role Play Area Set 4-5yrs includes an array of props and resources that help support key themes and narratives. Complete with a functional storage tub trug and our high level role play furniture unit, which features hooks for hanging jackets and costume capes, this area will soon be favoured by your children.

Enabling dramatic play in your classroom or setting will allow children to develop PSED and language skills as they begin to understand feelings and relationships when learning to negotiate roles during play. As well as supporting core curriculum concepts, such as communication and language development, children are provided with the opportunity to express themselves confidently and experiment with different social situations and emotions.

Investing in an Early Excellence complete area will provide you with a rapid solution in creating an inspiring and enriching environment for your children.

This Real Life Role Play Area Set 4-5yrs includes:

  • High-level Role Play Unit with mirror
  • Role Play Frame
  • Role Play Real Life Resource Collection 4-5yrs
  • Role Play Real Life Storage Collection 4-5yrs
  • Suitable for age 4 and over

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