Complete Science Area Set 5-7yrs

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This Complete Enquiry Area Set 5-7yrs features engaging STEM resources, developed to inspire KS1 children to investigate the world around them. Packed with unique and high-quality tools, equipment and resources, complete with quality storage and furniture, investing in this ready-made provision set will help you rapidly refresh your Science provision.



This Complete Enquiry Area Set 5-7yrs offers an exciting ready-made area for KS1 children to explore and investigate in fascinating and inspiring ways. Children will be naturally drawn to this comprehensive range of scientific resources, as they discover tools, carefully observe details of objects and share experiences with their peers.

Support understanding of key STEM concepts for your children by offering a good range of learning resources. This extensive selection invites children to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Chosen to inspire children to explore cause and effect, the properties and qualities of materials, similarities and differences, as well as force and light.

As children examine and interact with the equipment in this set, their motor skills will develop as their natural curiosity about objects and experiences inspire them to investigate and handle objects with care and for a purpose. They will also begin to formulate hypotheses about why things happen.

Investing in an Early Excellence complete area will provide you with a rapid solution in creating an inspiring and enriching environment for your children.

This Complete Enquiry Area Set 5-7yrs includes:

  • Mid-level Shelving Unit
  • Small Rectangular Table - 59cm Leg Length
  • 4 Robust Wooden Stackable Chairs, leg length - 35cm
  • Science Resource Collection 5-7yrs
  • Science Storage Collection 5-7yrs
  • Suitable for age 5 and over

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