Domestic Role Play Area Book Set 3-5yrs

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This ready-made Domestic Role Play Area Book Set 3-5yrs can support language and vocabulary skills as early years children engage in pretend play. Offering this mix of stories about different families, real-life roles and home routines will enrich play in the home corner and prompt discussions about home life.


This ready-made Domestic Role Play Area Book Set 3-5yrs will enrich learning opportunities and inspire children to engage in pretend play in the home corner. Featuring books about families, people and events, this curated set of stories will inspire role play activities for many years to come!

Children learn by doing and as they collaborate with their peers, creating their own make believe family routines, roles and scenarios, they will learn how to make new relationships. Role play also develops communication and language skills as children learn about body language and how to listen.

Support imaginative play through hands on, active learning with this essential set of children's role play books.

This Domestic Role Play Area Book Set 3-5yrs includes:

  • 4 Children’s books with themes about families, events and scenarios - continually refreshed to include recently published titles
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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