Dough Area Book Set 3-5yrs

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Extend and enrich learning during dough play with this ready-made Dough Area Book Set 3-5yrs. As children explore the sensory, tactile qualities of dough they will relax and talk easily to one another as they explore imaginative play. An ideal collection of carefully curated children’s reading books to help you rapidly refresh your provision!



Encourage imaginative and mathematical thinking in young children with this enticing and engaging Dough Area Book Set 3-5yrs, carefully chosen to suit your dough provision. By adding this ready-made collection of children’s books to your reading area, and as an enhancement to support your dough area, children will be able to explore a wide array of vibrant and dynamic story lines and characters, whilst reinforcing mathematical knowledge during dough play.

Including an illustrated collection of paperback books that celebrate dough topics and themes through story and narrative, this Dough Area Book Set 3-5yrs is vital for young children to secure a firm understanding of structure and movement through hands on, open-ended activities. Offering a dynamic range of children’s reading materials within your nursery setting or classroom will support their natural curiosity to explore themes and stories in imaginative and innovative ways.

This Dough Area Book Set 3-5yrs includes:

  • 4 Children’s Paperback books with food as a focus - continually updated to include recently published titles
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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