Small World Area Book Set 3-5yrs

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This ready-made Small World Area Book Set 3-5yrs will provide opportunities for imaginative play and rich story telling skills. As early years children share books and engage in small world themed stories, this will support their language development and creative thinking.


This Small World Area Book Set 3-5yrs offers a ready-made set of children's books about different animals and the antics that they get up to! Enrich the provision and support language development with this collection of essential storybooks.

Encourage early years children to engage in small world play while developing their understanding of story structures, with this continuous provision book set. Featuring a range of paper back and hard back storybooks with engaging tales, children will enjoy sharing their ideas as they express themselves using these literacy resources.

Singing, action rhymes and sharing books gives children rich opportunities to understand new words and extend their vocabulary. Add this essential selection of reading materials to establish language in the provision.

This Small World Area Book Set 3-5yrs includes:

  • 4 children's books with animals as a focused theme – continually updated to include recently published titles
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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