Set of Musical Instruments 3-7yrs

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This Set of Musical Instruments 3-7yrs encourages sound co-ordination as well as the development of gross and fine motor skills. Additionally children can enjoy the understanding of rhythm and tone as they dance to sounds and make their own music with their friends – Shake, rattle and roll!


The music provision is an invaluable area for active learning. Exploring sound, dance and music is a highly creative experience where children can express their ideas and feelings. This ready-made Set of Musical Instruments 3-7yrs will support children as they play and experiment with sounds, beginning to move their bodies to a beat and a rhythm.

As children explore this curated Set of Musical Instruments 3-7yrs they will begin to recognise the texture of sound, the rhythm of a strong beat and the tone an object makes. By offering this carefully selected range of instruments within the provision, this will support early social skills as children develop their understanding of both listening and creating sounds with their friends, as they delight in their own music making.

Invest in this essential set of musical early years resources to boost creative expression and support PSED in the classroom. Available with or without a natural storage basket, just click on the drop down button to select your desired set.

This Set of Musical Instruments 3-7yrs includes:

  • An assortment of traditional musical equipment featuring a Wrist Bell, 20cm Djembe, Wood Guiro and a Painted Thunder Shaker, a Mini Frog Guiro, a Cow Bell, a Coconut Thumb Piano, 25cm Painted Rain stick, assorted Egg Shaker, a Bamboo Clacker, a Monkey Drum, Cha-cha on a stick and a Single Straw Shaker
  • If selected with a basket, this features a Natural Woven basket, approx. H22cm x D20cm x Widest 46cm, Inset 35cm W. Lid 28cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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