Reducing Educational Disadvantage - A Strategic Approach in the Early Years

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Reducing Educational Disadvantage by Penny Tassoni explores how the environment affects early years children's cognitive development. With advice and guidance as to how the practitioner can provide a strong, long term education programme to help those children who are most at risk of underachievement.


Reducing Educational Disadvantage by Penny Tassoni takes early years practitioners on a step-by-step journey, clearly explaining how to provide maximum benefit for children whose home learning environments are more vulnerable than those of their peers.

Early years children's cognitive development is largely shaped by their home environment. Practitioners who nurture, care for, assess and observe children can influence their learning within the setting, helping them to achieve the same equal levels as their peers.

This essential book offers guidance and suggestions of how to narrow this gap, with a key theme of the need for early years settings to provide an active safety net for children who are most at risk of underachieving. Demonstrated in the form of an education program in which key factors that positively impact children’s future learning are identified and carefully explained.

Reducing Educational Disadvantage by Penny Tassoni features:

  • Paperback professional child studies book
  • Featuring the publication ISBN – 9781472932990
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