Dry Sand Resource Collection 2-3yrs

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Encourage EYFS children to explore the tactile sensory qualities of dry sand with this ready-made Dry Sand Resource Collection 2-3yrs. As children move, hold and pour this popular natural resource, using this unique selection of sand tools and equipment, they will engage in a wealth of imaginative and mathematical thinking.


This ready-made Dry Sand Resource Collection 2-3yrs maximises the opportunities for dry sand play as an open-ended resource and supports children’s natural desire to experiment and explore new skills. As a highly sensory resource which sustains children’s interest for long periods of time, dry sand offers many opportunities for learning basic maths, science and language concepts as they discover its properties and find out about how it moves and flows.

Carefully chosen and considered for the EYFS, our Dry Sand Resource Collection 2-3yrs will provide young children with a variety of opportunities to build core curriculum knowledge. Through the application of buckets, jugs and sieves, natural materials, sand tools and unique metal mini buckets children will develop a deeper understanding of force and flow, speed and direction, cause and effect, measurement and volume. Complete with a selection of small world resources including plastic play people and colourful vehicles, which will support imaginative play and storytelling.

By offering a wide variety of traditional, wooden and natural objects children become captivated by how to manipulate sand – how to pour sand through, onto and into objects as well as how to fill and empty containers using spoons and scoops of different shapes and sizes.

This Dry Sand Resource Collection 2-3yrs includes:

  • assorted Natural Materials featuring Large Shells, Wooden Log Blocks, Elephant Ears, Bamboo Sticks, Taru Seed Pods and approx. 2kg of White Cobbles
  • Plastic Sand Tools featuring handled buckets and pouring jugs, a spade, scoop and spoon with holes and 3 assorted sieves
  • Metal buckets featuring 1 small and 2 mini handled metal buckets
  • Wooden sand tools and containers featuring small, medium and large wooden scoops and bowls, a wooden barrel and assorted wooden egg cups
  • Small World toys featuring 10 Plastic Play People and 10 Mini Plastic Vehicles
  • Weight, quantity, size and appearance may vary for all natural products

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For use with children 2-3yrs, only with appropriate adult supervision.
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