Set of Metal Sand Tools

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This high-quality Set of Metal Sand Tools includes a variety of utensils featuring sieves, mini buckets, scoops, funnels, spoons, moulds and masher. Essential early years resources to support maths, science and new language skills as children discover new sensory experiences, explore known materials, make links and act out experiences.


Provide children with unique opportunities for exploration and imaginative play in sand provision, with this Set of Metal Sand Tools. Including scoops, spoons, sieves and mini buckets, this ready-made resource set will extend understanding of maths, science and language concepts.

As children explore these utensils with dry sand, they will discover sensory skills through known materials as they make links and act out experiences, observing shape, space and quantities. The concepts of similarity and difference, shape and space, speed and flow will also help develop their mathematical and scientific thinking.

Broader learning and development skills are also addressed as children play collaboratively and become fascinated by new processes and movements as they explore this essential provision area.

This Set of Metal Sand Tools includes:

  • 2 metal serving buckets in sizes medium and small, with carry handles
  • metal scoops and spoons features 4 metal capacity scoops, measuring spoons and a wavy handled spoon
  • metal rings in sizes medium and small
  • 2 mini flat metal sieves
  • 1 stainless steel mixing bowl, capacity 500ml
  • 1 metal handle masher
  • 2 metal spice funnels
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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