Colour & Light Resource Collection

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This ready-made Colour & Light Resource Collection features colourful acrylic blocks, turning end kaleidoscopes and glasses, complete with colour paddles, mirror and translucent 3D shapes. An inviting selection of science and maths equipment that children can engage with to investigate and experiment with colour, light and STEM concepts.


Our ready-made Colour & Light Resource Collection offers lots of learning opportunities for children to engage in early STEM concepts, in addition to developing key mathematical thinking. Children can explore colour, light, pattern and shape, as well as develop positional language skills as they experiment with this key scientific and mathematical resource set.

Support curiosity, testing theories and critical thinking as children create unique patterns and sequences as they experiment with these exciting resources. Featuring a range of geometric shapes, kaleidoscopes, acrylic blocks with a mirror and colour paddles, this ready-made collection will inspire colour experimentation and help develop knowledge of STEM concepts.

An ideal set to support physical development through collaborative play and extend learning of science and maths.

To refresh your maths and science provision, take a look at our extensive collections for inspiration!

This Colour & Light Resource Collection includes:

  • 3 Translucent Colourful Paddles, approx. 15cm, assorted colours
  • Kaleidoscopes featuring turning end kaleidoscopes and mirage scopes, in assorted designs and colours
  • 1 pair of Kaleidoscope Glasses, assorted colours
  • 1 large rectangular mirror
  • Acrylic Block Shapes Set featuring translucent colourful blocks, in an assortment of shapes and sizes
  • Geometric Shapes Set includes 14 individual translucent colourful shapes, approx. 3cm-6cm, features removable bases for 3D and 2D shapes
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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