Complete Earth & Space Resource Collection

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Space, galaxies and the planets are an area of real fascination for young children. Offering this ready-made Complete Earth & Space Resource Collection will inspire questions about our world and will prompt exciting stories and discussions about life in space! An engaging set of early years resources that will enhance the STEM provision.


Outer space, the galaxy and the planet is an area that has always captivated young children's imaginations and minds. Include our Complete Earth & Space Resource Collection in your STEM provision to support and encourage further learning of this popular subject.

This substantial space themed resource collection, includes our high-quality Giant Magnetic Solar System with holographic 3D postcards, a small world space themed set which features hand painted miniature figures including astronauts and rockets, and comes complete with small world landscape replica resources including Space fabric, white gravel, white cobbles and rainbow rock. Children can use these resources to create stories about outer space while exploring new scientific terminology as they gain a deeper understanding of our world.

To inspire this theme within your provision, take a look at our Earth & Space early years resources to help refresh your classroom.

Our Complete Earth & Space Resource Collection includes the following:

  • Giant Magnetic Solar System which features eight planets, including Pluto (dwarf planet), Sun, Earth’s moon and asteroid belt. Largest (Sun) measures 25cm in diameter and each piece is also wipe-clean for labelling purposes, complete with a Set of 4 3D Space Postcards featuring the Sun, Earth, Moon and Space Walk
  • Set of Miniature Small World Space Figures featuring 10 models including Astronauts, Saturn V Rocket, Gemini Capsule, Apollo Spacecraft, Lunar Rover, a Space Shuttle, Hubble Space Telescope and satellite, from approx. 3.25cm to 9.5cm
  • Set of 2 Space Shuttles featuring an 8cm and 20cm rocket ship
  • Collection of space themed small world scenery complete with Space Fabric, White Hexagon Tiles and a Set of Rocks including 1kg of white cobbles, 1kg of rainbow rock and a tub of white gravel
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.

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