Science Resource Collection 3-4yrs

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Children will enjoy exploring, investigating and hypothesizing as they explore this ready-made Science Resource Collection 3-4yrs. Support early years children as they learn about the world with this essential range of scientific early years resources.


Engage children's natural curiosity with this comprehensive Science Resource Collection 3-4yrs. Chosen and developed for early years children to explore cause and effect, while observing similarities and differences. 

This ready-made resource set will inspire young children to try out their ideas and problem solving skills, to reach their own conclusions about STEM concepts. Children will enjoy experimenting with materials, observing force and light as they learn about physical science.

Including an inviting range of interactive tools and materials, this early years resource set is sure to encourage the thinkers of the future as they experiment and explore in unique and exciting ways.

This Science Resource Collection 3-4yrs includes:

  • 2 Plastic Tuff Trays featuring 1 approx. L30cm and 1 approx. L40cm 
  • Assorted pull-back, pop-up mechanical wooden toys featuring 2 animal pop-up toys, 2 flexi robots, 2 racing cars, 2 trains, 2 mice and 1 aeroplane
  • 2 Rainbow Spring Slinkies
  • 3 Chunky Wooden magnifiers
  • 12 Colourful Plastic Paddles featuring translucent paddles, each approx. L15cm
  • 3 Glitter Stick Wands, each approx. L30cm
  • 3 Oil Timers in assorted colours and shapes
  • 3 Kaleidoscope Glasses in assorted colours
  • Assorted viewing scopes featuring 3 Kaleidoscopes includes large, small and turning end styles, 3 assorted Mirage Scopes, 3 turning end mirage scopes and 3 Mini telescopes in assorted colours
  • Acrylic Shapes Set of 4 squares
  • 3 Mirrors featuring 1 square, 1 round and 1 rectangular mirror
  • 4 Wand Magnets in assorted colours, each approx. L19cm, complete with metal magnetic chips, approx. 2cm Dia each coin
  • 3 Horseshoe Magnets featuring 2 approx. 12.5cm and 1 Giant Horseshoe Magnet approx. 21cm in assorted colours
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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