Science Resource Collection 5-7yrs

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Inspire KS1 children to use investigative materials to explore and experiment with this comprehensive Science Resource Collection 5-7yrs. As children examine, experiment with ideas and hypothesize to reach their own conclusions, they will learn to develop effective questioning and early research skills as well as engage their natural curiosity.



Tap into your KS1 children’s inquisitive nature about our world and encourage scientific exploration with this carefully selected Science Resource Collection 5-7yrs. Our ready-made science provision offers a range of non-fiction texts, artefacts and unique resources, chosen to encourage effective questioning and early research skills as children examine, experiment with ideas, and also hypothesize and reach their own conclusions.

Including a range of enquiry equipment and tools, complete with wooden label holders, measuring apparatus, magnifying glasses, collection pots and magnets, these fascinating and inspiring resources will promote the curriculum through child-led, adult supported play. As well as revealing key scientific concepts, children will develop their natural curiosity and enquiry skills as they learn to use simple equipment to observe, record and relate their findings, as well as use non-fiction texts to acquire knowledge for further understanding.

Broader learning and development are also addressed as children develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and acquire purposeful vocabulary, by discussing how things happen and why things work.

A fantastic set to inspire the researchers and inventors of the future!

This Science Resource Collection 5-7yrs includes:

  • 2 Trays features 1 approx. 30cm and 1 approx. L40cm plastic tuff trays
  • 10 Wooden Card Holders approx. 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 1cm each, features a small grove approx. 2mm deep – thick enough to hold postcards, signs
  • 1 Compass
  • Assorted Mirrors features 2 rectangular, 2 circular, 2 square and a set of 10 mini convex and concave mirrors
  • 4 Clear Magnifiers approx. L19cm x 8cm Dia each
  • Plastic Pots features 4 Mini Bug Pots, 6 Smell Pots and 3 Coloured Magnifier Pots
  • 1 Mini Skeleton approx. H46cm
  • 1 Model Anatomical Teeth Set
  • 1 Human, full body X-Ray and 1 set of Dental X-Rays
  • 1 A3 Stud Wallet
  • 4 Wand Magnets, approx. L19cm
  • 4 Iron Filing Bubbles with 4 Magnetic Bars
  • 2 Binoculars approx. 11cm x 8cm x 4cm features 3 magnification lenses and includes lanyard
  • Assorted Lidded Tins includes 3 round and 3 square with clear peep windows
  • 1 Montessori Globe approx. H16cm featuring detachable world globe, spins on its axis on wooden base
  • 2 A4 Wooden Clipboards
  • 4 Transparent Grids 10 x 10 square gridded boards, approx. 20 x 20cm
  • Assorted Measuring Resources includes 1 wind up tape approx. 10m and 1 flexible tape measure, complete with 1 Digital Stopwatch
  • 4 Wooden Rings approx. 15cm
  • 8 Assorted Printed Early Excellence World Maps
  • Suitable for age 5 and over

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.

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