Set of Coloured Paddles

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Children will enjoy observing their world through vibrant colours with this Set of Coloured Paddles. Featuring six lightweight, easy to hold translucent colour panels, children can examine and explore their environment through another dimension of colour. An essential set to add to your STEM provision – supporting young curious minds!


Support discovery of the immediate environment with this Set of Coloured Paddles. Featuring easy to hold individual plastic panels, in an assortment of bright colours, this robust set is sure to become a popular resource within the science provision!

Encourage children’s curiosity by providing a good selection of engaging resources that allow for lots of learning opportunities and experimentation within the STEM provision. This set of hand-held coloured paddles will encourage observation, support fine motor skills and also physical development. An ideal set to use as children learn about colour and light - great when paired with our interactive LED Light Boards.

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This Set of Coloured Paddles includes:

  • Set of 6 transparent colour paddles in assorted colours, approx. 15cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.

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