Set of Horseshoe Magnets

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This Set of Horseshoe Magnets will encourage EYFS and KS1 children to investigate and experiment with movement and force during science learning activities. Enrich your science provision and support children to understand the world around them with this essential set of early years resources.


Engage children's natural curiosity with this wonderful Set of Horseshoe Magnets, developed to encourage questioning, close observation, experimentation and to promote further research skills. By offering inviting science equipment within the provision, this will help establish an enabling environment where children can independently begin to explore and develop a deeper understanding of STEM concepts.

As children investigate and experiment with this colourful magnetic set they will delight in the different strengths and properties observed from each, as they learn to carefully handle and control the magnetic forces at work. A fantastic set to use with our colourful metal chips – an ideal STEM activity for children to investigate and explore magnetism as they watch the coloured chips stick to these assorted magnets.

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This Set of Horseshoe Magnets includes:

  • Set of 4 Magnets features a Giant Horseshoe Magnet approx. 21cm with North and South poles clearly marked, 2 colourful Horseshoe Magnets, approx. 12.5cm in assorted colours and a small chrome steel Horseshoe Magnet approx. 7.5cm x 1cm
  • Suitable for age 2 and over

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