Set of Kaleidoscopes

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Children will enjoy looking closely at the changing colours and patterns that can be seen in this Set of Kaleidoscopes. Featuring three stimulating sensory toys for early years children to explore colour, light and pattern, this set offers another dimension for children to engage with their world as they learn about STEM, scientific subjects. An essential set to add to your science provision.


Support enriching experiences of discovery and learning about colour, light and pattern with this Set of Kaleidoscopes. As children observe the changing colours and patterns, examining cause and effect as these sensory toys rotate and twist, their natural curiosity of testing theories, creating patterns and artwork will be fully engaged.

Children will learn about STEM concepts as they play with this unique set of early years resources, creating and observing a fascinating world of shapes, light and colours in dynamic ways - an essential resource set to enhance your science provision.

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This Set of Kaleidoscopes includes:

  • Set of 3 Kaleidoscopes featuring 1 small kaleidoscope, 1 turning end kaleidoscope and 1 colour mirage scope
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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