Set of Oil Timers

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As children closely examine this Set of Oil Timers and notice the shifting patterns and movement of these liquid sensory toys, their investigative and scientific thinking will be supported. Chosen to enrich learning opportunities for early science investigations, children can explore colour, light and pattern using these playful resources. 


Young children will be fascinated as they examine this colourful Set of Oil Timers. Chosen to enable investigation and experimentation of new ideas, this set of scientific resources will support children’s natural curiosity in exploring their surroundings. Watch as young children notice the constant movement of colour and the transformation of shapes as they hold and shake these sensory resources.

By addressing key curriculum concepts of patterns and changes, cause and effect, this Set of Oil Timers will support children as they engage in the ever-changing world around them, and will develop their confidence to share ideas, to negotiate and cooperate as part of a group. An ideal set to use as children learn about colour and light - great when paired with our interactive LED Light Boards.

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This Set of Oil Timers includes:

  • 4 oil timers, in assorted colours and shapes
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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