Set of Cylinders, Jugs & Beakers

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Support critical thinking and investigative skills with this Set of Cylinders Jugs & Beakers. Essential plastic graded containers for children to explore the properties of water - to see how it flows; how it can change direction and how it moves between containers.


Encourage exploration and investigation in early years children with this Set of Cylinders Jugs & Beakers. Featuring graded plastic containers for pouring water and measuring water levels, this scientific set will support many water play activities.

Offering traditional equipment in the water provision will develop children's scientific thinking as they actively learn about how water flows and moves. Featuring robust graded jugs, cylinders and beakers, this set will support broader development as children learn to coordinate and handle these popular resources.

Inspire imaginative play, investigative thinking and mathematical skills with this essential set of water measuring tools.

This Set of Cylinders Jugs & Beakers includes:

  • 7 graded plastic containers featuring a 25ml and a 50ml cylinder, a 10ml beaker, a 25ml beaker and a 50ml beaker, complete with a 50ml and 100ml jug
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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