Set of Fish

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Children will really enjoy exploring this super Set of Fish in the water area. As the set includes 12 mini plastic fish, this amount can help promote the exploration of number and will encourage imaginative play and story making; helping to develop the use of language and vocabulary at an early age. Exploring the underwater world is full of excitement and wonder, what adventures will these vibrant fish have next?!


Provide children with a variety of opportunities to stimulate their investigative and communication skills with this Set of Fish. In early years, the water area provides an ideal environment for mathematical thinking and story making. By implementing a carefully planned water area and by offering a wide range of unique and educational resources, you will support children’s problem-solving skills at this early stage of development.

Imaginative language will also flourish as children gently hold the fish and help them to swim and swerve through the water. Combined with plastic people, divers and boats, children will soon develop imaginative ideas and use the fish as a part of their storytelling.

Including a set of 12 individual fish, this amount can also encourage the exploration of number encouraging active learning as they play!

This Set of Fish includes:

  • Set of 12 assorted tropical plastic fish with realistic detailing
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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