Set of Small Bottles

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This Set of Small Bottles can provide lots of educational learning during water play - including a variety of mini plastic bottles in opague and clear finishes. Children will enjoy exploring how water moves, noticing the differences of capacity.


This Set of Small Bottles will become a great addition for your Water Area. EYFS children will enjoy the challenge of using the bottles to pour, scoop and discover the movement of water and other materials. This assorted set of mini plastic water bottles are also an essential resource for developing early motor skills, whilst promoting children's natural curiosity through the open-ended nature of the collection.

The small play bottles are manufactured from high-quality, durable clear and opague moulded plastic, and is a unique collection to Early Excellence. The set includes small and mini plastic bottles in various sizes and shapes for children to explore how different capacities cause water to behave differently when poured. This set would make a fantastic addition to a continuous provision range to help encourage exploratory, scientific and creative play.

This Set of Small Bottles includes:

  • Set of assorted small plastic bottles in various sizes, in both clear and opaque finishes
  • High quality and durable
  • Suitable for age 2 and over

Safety Information
For use with children 2-3yrs, only with appropriate adult supervision.
For full safety information, please see Product Care & Safety Guidance Leaflet.

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Product Care & Safety Guidance Leaflet

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