Set of Water Pipes & Pump

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This Set of Water Pipes & Pump has been carefully chosen to build on experiences in the EYFS. Engage children in a wealth of imaginative, investigative and mathematical thinking during water play, with this essential set of water tubes and connectors.


Water is such a wonderful open-ended resource, as children express their natural curiosity and desire to experiment during water play, this leads to rich learning possibilities across the curriculum. As children enjoy constructing imagined tunnels and water journeys using this Set of Water Pipes & Pump, they will engage in a wealth of imaginative, investigative and mathematical thinking.

Children will enjoy building and connecting these brightly coloured, translucent water pipes together – creating exciting water pathways as they begin to understand how water flows, moves and changes direction, exploring early mathematical and scientific concepts.

Comes with a standing water pump to allow children to investigate the mechanics of this exciting waterway!

This Set of Water Pipes & Pump includes:

  • 73 piece set of plastic see-through coloured pipes, featuring 7 different connectable tube pieces, 2 pop tubes and comes complete with a mechanical water pump
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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