Water Resource Collection 3-4yrs

£175.00 exc. VAT (£210.00 inc. VAT)

Help your children to develop their imaginative and investigative thinking with this great Water Resource Collection 3-4yrs of high-quality water resources, suitable for early years children. It includes a wide selection of exciting open-ended materials selected to promote children’s mathematical and scientific thinking.


Packed with open-ended resources, this Water Resource Collection 3-4yrs will prove irresistible to children. Their natural desire to experiment will lead to learning across the curriculum, as children engage in a wealth of imaginative, investigative, and scientific thinking.

Children will enjoy pouring and filling containers, discovering all the ways water moves and how it reacts with other objects, as well as using water as a context for imaginative play using the boats, people and sea creatures, along with natural materials for storytelling.

This Water Resource Collection 3-4yrs includes:

  • Set of Sea Creatures featuring an Octopus, Dolphin, Whale, Turtle, Shark, Tropical Fish, starfish and lobsters
  • 10 Plastic People
  • 4 plastic colourful tug boats
  • Graded Funnels, includes 9.5cm and 13cm sized transparent funnels
  • Set of Transparent Buckets featuring small and medium sizes with pouring spouts
  • 3 Colourful Play Jugs made of flexible, high impact plastic, features 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml capacities
  • Collection of Bottles in clear and opaque finishes, featuring sizes ranging from 30ml - 250ml capacities
  • 2 stainless steel Balloon Whisks, approx. 22cm
  • 3 plastic Measuring Scoops, includes small, medium and large
  • 1 Water Wheel, approx. 30cm
  • 1 small plastic watering can
  • Mixed River Gems, approx. 1kg
  • Set of shells including cone, Japanese land snail, strawberry troca, Cornish scallop and tiger cowrie shells
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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