Sand Resource Collection 5-7yrs

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Provide opportunities for sophisticated maths, science and language learning experiences with this Sand Resource Collection 5-7yrs. KS1 children will enjoy experimenting with this exciting range of resources as they explore moulding, flattening, smoothing and moving sand. Developing their investigative and problem solving skills while engaging in imaginative play.


This ready-made Sand Resource Collection 5-7yrs maximises opportunities for sand play as an open-ended resource. Support the development of problem solving skills, investigative thinking and imaginative play with this curated set of resources.

Featuring plastic measuring jugs, metal and wooden sand tools, natural materials, play trays and small world resources, this comprehensive set is sure to engage KS1 children. The traditional equipment in this set will support mathematical and scientific thinking as children extend their knowledge of similarity and difference, shape and space, speed and flow, force and direction. The mix of utensils are wonderful to use to make a range of impressions in sand, encouraging children to describe materials properties, whilst the mini small world animal sets and natural materials extend children's story telling skills.

As a highly sensory resource which sustains children’s interest for long periods of time, sand offers many opportunities for learning maths, science and new language as the properties of sand are observed in its wet and dry form. Encourage children to explore known materials, make links and act out experiences as well as explore shape, space and quantity with this essential provision area.

This Sand Resource Collection 5-7yrs includes:

  • Assorted Natural Materials featuring willow sticks, small wooden branch logs, taru pods and bamboo sticks, complete with mixed river gems, glass nuggets and approx. 2kg of Rainbow Rock
  • Metal sand tools featuring stainless steel rings, mini sieves, spice funnels, handle masher, a wavy handled spoon, a set of handled metal buckets, 500ml mixing bowl and a stainless steel measuring spoon set
  • Wooden sand tools featuring beech wood bowls, barrels, egg cups, wooden utensils including bamboo spreaders, sugar spoons and wooden scoops
  • Sand play equipment featuring graded 100ml, 250ml and 500ml jugs and graded beakers includes 25ml, 50ml and 100ml beakers, complete with a plastic spray water bottle
  • Traditional plastic sand play tools featuring sand rakes and spreaders
  • Small World Play Animals includes mini sets of wild animals, dinosaurs, lizards, spiders and snakes
  • Tuff Trays and Coloured Sand includes 3 wooden hexagonal trays, a set of plastic square trays with red, purple and green sand in 400ml lidded tubs
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  • Suitable for age 5 and over

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