Wet Sand Resource Collection 3-4yrs

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Provide opportunities for early maths, science and language learning experiences with our Wet Sand Resource Collection 3-4yrs. Young children are naturally drawn to moulding, flattening, smoothing and moving wet sand, making the wet sand area a favourite place to play and explore. Children enjoy how wet sand feels and how easily it can be squashed and squeezed into all sorts of shapes and forms!


The open-ended nature of wet sand makes this area of provision a favourite place for children to be. Children can enjoy the challenge of exploring sand using a variety of buckets, graduated beakers and sand moulds, experiencing the properties of sand as they compare size and shape. Children can also practise their early mark making skills using the scoops, rakes and natural materials to create interesting surface patterns into wet sand.

This ready-made collection also includes small world characters which brings exciting opportunities for children to re-create familiar events and used alongside the open-ended resources that are included in the set, the collection is sure to inspire much storytelling.

In the EYFS, children need a variety of opportunities to stimulate their mathematical, investigative and imaginative thinking. Providing a well-organised wet sand area with a good range of equipment that can be used to explore wet sand and create stories with small world, will help children to develop many aspects of their learning.

This Wet Sand Resource Collection 3-4yrs includes:

  • 2 Buckets with handles, features approx. 11cm and 2.5ltr
  • 4 Capacity Beakers in graduating sizes
  • Stacking Beakers features 8 round plastic colourful beakers, stacked inside one another
  • 7 Red Sand Tools features 2 plastic Rakes approx. 24cm and 15cm, 1 hand Trowel approx. 17.5cm, 2 Spades features approx. 20cm and 25cm, and 2 sand Scoops approx. 15cm
  • 10 small Plastic People in assorted colours
  • 3 plastic Vehicles features a tractor, tipper and dumper truck
  • Small World Animals for sand play features dinosaurs and wild animals
  • Assorted Natural Materials including Bamboo sticks, Driftwood pieces, 3 Natural Wooden Pieces, 6 pine cones, Large Sea Shells and approx. 2kg of Natural Stones
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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