Wet Sand Resource Collection 4-5yrs

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Provide opportunities for maths, science and language learning experiences with our ready-made Wet Sand Resource Collection 4-5yrs. Young children are naturally drawn to moulding, flattening, smoothing and moving wet sand, as they engage in imaginative play and story making. Making the wet sand area a favourite place to investigate and explore!


This ready-made Wet Sand Resource Collection 4-5yrs maximises the opportunities for wet sand play as an open-ended resource and supports children’s natural desire to experiment and explore new skills. 

As a highly sensory resource which sustains children’s interest for long periods of time, sand offers many opportunities for learning basic maths, science and language concepts as they discover its properties and find out about how it moves. By helping children to explore known materials, make links and act out experiences as well as explore shape, space and quantity, this comprehensive area is an essential addition to your classroom or setting.

Our Wet Sand Resource Collection 4-5yrs will support a deeper understanding of key curriculum concepts as well as facilitate children’s play. Including buckets, scoops and rakes which teach similarity and difference, shape and space; graduated square stacking beakers, capacity beakers and sand moulds which teach measure and quantity. Complete with small world vehicles, plastic people and animals, and a unique selection of natural materials, this set encourages children to ask questions, describe materials‚ properties and express their emotions. As well as these key curriculum concepts, our Wet Sand Resource Collection 4-5yrs also encourages the development of problem solving skills, co-ordination and control of objects and materials.

This Wet Sand Resource Collection 4-5yrs includes:

  • Plastic Sand Tools featuring handled buckets, spades, scoops, rakes and trowels and a set of square stacking plastic beakers
  • Small World toys featuring a 3 Large Plastic Vehicles, 10 Plastic Play People and a set of robust dinosaur and wild animal figures
  • Assorted Natural Materials featuring bamboo sticks, driftwood pieces, 3 natural wooden pieces, with a collection of mixed rocks and natural stones
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  • Suitable for age 4 and over

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