Animals Story Puppet Set

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Encourage imaginative play and support speaking and listening skills with this ready-made Animal Story Puppet Set. Children will enjoy interacting with these story props - using them to animate the tales they enjoy reading and sharing. Essential literacy resources to enhance the reading corner.


Inspire imaginative play with this ready-made Animals Story Puppet Set. Featuring an extensive set of high-quality finger puppets and hand puppets, these interactive story props are essential to enrich collaborative play within the books and puppets provision area.

This curated Animals Story Puppet Set will encourage children to join in with sounds, rhymes, and phrases; experimenting with vocabulary as they develop an understanding of story structures. Early years children will enjoy choosing their favourite puppets from this set, to help animate stories as they read books together.

Offering a good mix of puppets in your reading corner, alongside popular children's books, will support social skills and help develop confidence in speaking and listening.

This Animals Story Puppet Set includes:

  • 13 finger puppets featuring birds, woodland animals and mini beasts
  • 12 hand puppets featuring safari animals, farmyard animals and pets
  • 1 long sleeve crocodile hand puppet
  • Suitable for age 2 and over

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