Pet Hand Puppet Set

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Encourage imaginative play and support children’s confidence with their speaking and listening skills by offering this interactive and engaging Pet Hand Puppet Set. Helping your children bring stories to life, this set is an essential addition to your teaching and literacy resources.



Help your children bring stories to life with this interactive and engaging Pet Hand Puppet Set. Encouraging imaginative play, increasing interactions and boosting confidence in speaking and listening skills, this set is an essential addition for your reading area.

Including an extensive set of colourful and inviting hand puppets, this Pet Hand Puppet Set will support the engagement of young children to join in with sounds, rhymes, and phrases, to begin to experiment with new vocabulary and to develop an understanding of characters and story structures.

Offering children hand puppets of their favourite animals, alongside story tales and books, can encourage children to respond to others’ feelings, whilst practicing their communication and language skills, allowing children to begin to explore their feelings and practise their listening skills.

This Pet Hand Puppet Set includes:

  • Set of 5 Puppets including cats, dogs and rabbit
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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