Independent Writing Resource Collection 5-7yrs

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This Independent Writing Resource Collection 5-7yrs includes paper stationery, resources, tools, and books chosen to inspire writing for a purpose. As KS1 children explore the mixed media featured in this ready-made resource set, they will deepen their knowledge and understanding of spelling, sentence and story structure.


Build children’s confidence in their reading and writing skills with this ready-made Independent Writing Resource Collection 5-7yrs. KS1 children can explore writing with intentional choices using these essential stationery tools and materials to support reading, writing and spelling.

Featuring an extensive range of engaging literacy resources including pens, pencils, mini chalk peg boards, whiteboards, clipboards and paper stationery; tools and equipment including scissors, stapler, paperclips, glue, hole punch, treasury tags and paper luggage tags – children will enjoy the many ways that they can experiment using these creative resources.

Coming complete with wooden letters, magnetic soft foam letters, engraved tricky word stones, story stones, alphabet boards and literacy focused books, this wonderful selection of resources will support children as they link and apply letters, sounds and words to writing and narratives.

Whilst supporting children on their journey to becoming enthusiastic writers is a skilful process, this collection will help in establishing a clear method to promote children’s passion, confidence and skill in reading and writing.

This Independent Writing Resource Collection 5-7yrs includes:

  • assorted paper stationery featuring post-it-notes, paper luggage tags, white and colour A4 Paper
  • assorted writing tools featuring felt tip pens, colour and drawing pencils, chalk, gel pens, chalk pens, highlighters and mini board marker pens with assorted activity boards
  • craft stationery featuring paperclips, stapler with staples, scissors, hole punch, 1 pritt stick glue, 3 wooden A4 clipboards and treasury tags
  • 12 mini wooden clip on chalk boards
  • 5 wooden card holders
  • 2 Alphabet lines features lowercase and capital letters
  • wooden letters features lowercase and uppercase letters
  • 3 Early Excellence A3 rainbow boards, double sided, features lowercase alphabet on one side
  • 63 pcs engraved Tricky Word Pebbles, made from a unique stone mix
  • 69 pcs mixed Story Stones featuring outer space, fairy tales and under the sea story themes, complete with a wooden Treasure Chest
  • 104 pc set of Soft foam magnetic lowercase letters, features four complete alphabets
  • 2 children's reference books with spelling, letters and words as a key theme - continually updated to include recently published titles
  • Suitable for age 5 and over

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