Story Pebble Treasure Chest Set

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Encourage children to experiment with imaginative story telling, narratives and plots with this ready-made Story Pebble Treasure Chest. This set of literacy resources will teach children about story structures while supporting their self expression as they explore their reading and writing skills.


Encourage a hands-on approach about stories with exciting characters, settings and plots, and how stories can be structured with this tactile Story Pebble Treasure Chest set. Offering unusual and engaging literacy resources in the provision will enable children to experiment with writing for a purpose and boost their confidence in expressing their own ideas.

Featuring a substantial set of sensory story stones, specially cast from a unique stone and resin mix, these picture story building pebbles can be sorted by colour into three subsets of settings, plots and characters. Children will enjoy creating their own exciting tales as they pick stones from each subset, building fun narratives and playful stories!

Whilst supporting children on their journey to becoming enthusiastic writers is a skillful process, this collection will help in establishing a clear method to promote children’s passion, confidence and skill in reading and writing.

This Story Pebble Treasure Chest includes:

  • Set of 39 Story Pebbles, featuring sensory story stones with focused themes, including Under The Sea, Outer Space and Fairy Tales, approx. 5cm, complete with wooden Treasure Chest
  • Made from a real stone and resin mix
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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