Tricky Word Pebbles Set

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Extend children’s knowledge of high frequency words and sentence structure with this Tricky Word Pebbles Set. Featuring colour-coded engraved sensory stones, these tactile resources will refresh your literacy equipment and support children as they feel, touch and remember the words they are learning.


Support children as they develop sophisticated sentence structures with these tactile Tricky Word Pebbles Set. Offering engaging resources within the provision will support the development of fine-motor skills and will extend children's knowledge of new language. Encourage active learning and deepen children's understanding of the qualities needed to develop their early reading and writing skills, with these unique resources.

Specially cast from a unique stone and resin mix, these sensory stones offer a tactile and visual activity to introduce children to high frequency words and simple sentences. Through adult supported play children will experiment with marks, producing drawing and writing with increasing skill as they record and express their ideas.

Whilst leading children’s mark making towards writing is a skillful process, this set will establish an inspiring activity to promote children’s passion, confidence and skill as they link and apply words to writing.

This Tricky Word Pebbles Set features:

  • Set of 63 Tricky Word Pebbles approx. 4.5cm – 5.5cm
  • Features colour-coded pebbles of five groups - supporting phases 2–5 of Letters and Sounds
  • Made from unique stone mix, each pebble is engraved and painted with a high-frequency word and will not fade over time
  • Suitable for age 5 and over

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