Number Resource Collection 5-7yrs

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This ready-made Number Resource Collection 5-7yrs maximises rich opportunities for investigation and advanced problem solving. Featuring open-ended resources, along with traditional learning equipment, this complete maths resource set will support children as they deepen their knowledge of numbers and mathematics.


Support advanced problem solving skills with this ready-made Number Resource Collection 5-7yrs. Featuring a range of open-ended resources including wooden rings, lolly pop sticks, mini wooden barrels, Tagua counting stones and shells. Complete with number boards, games equipment, mini seasonal maths counters, bean bags, Cuisinaire Rods, dominoes, calculating sticks and abacus counting frames. Deepen children’s understanding of maths concepts and expand their knowledge of number as they explore these maths resources for many years to come!

Observe the development of advanced problem solving skills as children compare, order, count and measure the resources during play. With the support and value of adults children will begin to develop their vocabulary as they describe their critical thinking.

This carefully curated Maths Resource Collection 4-5yrs offers an invaluable solution to rapidly refresh the maths provision. Providing KS1 children with a range of rich opportunities for further exploration of number, sums and maths operations.

This Number Resource Collection 5-7yrs includes:

  • Tagua Beads 
  • Counting Beads on a String featuring 2 up to 100 and 2 up to 20
  • Natural Mixed Shells 
  • Mini Counting Characters includes mini space figures and props, mini polar animals and mini wild animals
  • 1 Giant Calculator approx. 21cm x 29.5cm
  • Counting in 5's Bean Bags approx. 7cm per bean bag
  • Wooden resources includes approx. 200 pcs of lolly pop sticks, Wooden Numbers and Symbols, a set of 10 wooden barrels and 8 wooden counting rings approx. 12cm - 20cm
  • Assorted games recording equipment featuring A4 and A3 Games Boards includes number, 100 square, snake, part-part-whole, place value and multiplication square maths boards
  • Set of 10 printed ten frames with coloured counters
  • Assorted Dice and Spinners includes dot dice, word dice 0-5 and 5-10, dice in dice, maths symbol dice, ten sided dice and a set of assorted Jumbo Polyhedral Dice, approx. 3" each
  • Green and Blue Maths Signs and Symbols includes - x / = signs and > < symbols, complete with a set of green and blue Number Cards 0-10 and 2 blue number lines including 1-5 and 5-10
  • 3 Complete Wooden Maths Sets featuring Calculating Sticks, Jumbo Dominoes and Cuisinaire Rods
  • 2 Abacus Counting Frames, approx. W25cm, with red and white plastic coloured beads
  • Suitable for age 5 and over

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