Set of Barrels & Counting Sticks

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This Set of Barrels & Counting Sticks are ideal early years resources to help develop maths and fine motor skills. Children can explore scooping and filling where they can learn about volume and movement, and also sorting and counting as they interact with these simple wooden resources.


This Set of Barrels & Counting Sticks are an ideal set of open-ended, natural resources to use during maths activities and games. Children can explore placing, counting and sorting using the wooden lollypop sticks and small barrel containers - ideal to develop fine motor skills and mathematical knowledge.

Offering children open-ended resources invites unique opportunities to explore, learn and play. With this set children can interact in creative ways to learn about volume, capacity and number. Using the carved wooden barrels to hold counters and placers in maths games.

By providing open-ended learning resources within the provision, children will naturally explore their ideas independently and apply their mathematical skills when comparing, measuring, sorting, and counting, through simple calculations and playing games.

This Set of Barrels & Counting Sticks includes:

  • 10 Small Wooden Barrels with approx. 100 pcs Lolly Sticks
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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