Set of Cowrie Shells

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This Set of Cowrie Shells will support natural curiosity in early years children - encouraging creative expression and imaginative play. Providing open-ended natural resources in the classroom will promote investigative skills as children engage in water play, sand play, loose parts and maths.


This Set of Cowrie Shells will encourage early years children to observe closely and use all their senses. Giving opportunities for creative and descriptive language to be explored as ideas are shared and discussed.

Natural resources are great to use in sand play as children can marvel at the patterns they create in wet sand, or perhaps investigate their properties during water play – watching the shells float above the water or sink to the bottom of the ocean, as they create imagined small world stories at sea.

Due to the nature of these resources, the pieces can be used across many areas of the provision. Providing countless, enriched learning opportunities and endless play possibilities!

This Set of Cowrie Shells includes:

  • Set of 20 mini Money Cowrie Shells and a set of 10 deer cowrie shells
  • Weight, quantity, size and appearance may vary for all natural products
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.

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