Set of Dice & Spinners

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Make maths fun by offering popular board game resources within the classroom provision. This ready-made Set of Dice & Spinners will encourage fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving as children create their own homemade maths activities.


Encourage children's love of playing games with this Set of Dice & Spinners. This resource offers children a rich variety of opportunities to develop mathematical reasoning, fluency and approach problem solving in playful ways.

This ready-made games set will help make maths fun as children actively learn about probability, numbers, statistics, and predictions. Offering a carefully planned maths provision with a wide range of functional equipment and interesting resources, will enrich mathematical learning and support critical thinking in early learners.

Stimulate both language development and mathematical skills with this essential maths resource set.

This Set of Dice & Spinners includes:

  • assorted dice featuring 4 soft foam ten-frame-dice, approx. 5cm x 5cm x 5cm, 2 large colourful dot dice, 2 ten sided dice (0-9), 2 ten/twelve sided dice (1-10 / 1-12) and a set of calculation symbol dice featuring multiply, divide, add and subtract operations
  • 3 assorted number spinners in primary colours
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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