Set of Kitchen Scales

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Encourage maths skills during play with this Set of Kitchen Scales. Featuring an electronic digital scale with a traditional set of weighing scales, these resources will promote active learning about volume, capacity and measure. Help bring maths to life with these real-life learning tools.


For older children exploring shape, space and measure through hands on activities brings maths to life. This Set of Kitchen Scales features both digital and traditional weighing scales to enable children to investigate weight and measure as they play.

The real-life kitchen scale has a large removable capacity bowl and features an easy to read scale, showing measurements in both metric and imperial. The electronic digital scale has a on/off touch button with self-lighting LCD screen and a wipe clean surface. Ideal authentic resources to include in the provision to support active learning about maths concepts.

By providing functional resources children can freely explore their creative ideas and apply their mathematical skills when comparing, measuring, sorting and counting during play.

This Set of Kitchen Scales includes:

  • 1 mechanical scale, showing metric and imperial measurements
  • 1 digital scale, approx. 22cm x 19cm x 2cm 
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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