Set of Number Sentence Pebbles

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These tactile maths pebbles are guaranteed to appeal to children’s natural instincts to sort and collect. Offer this Set of Number Sentence Pebbles to encourage children to investigate simple maths sums and calculations.


Encourage a love of counting and basic maths with this Set of Number Sentence Pebbles. Children will love to explore these tactile sensory stones as they investigate, sort and collect them during play.

These robust maths pebbles are made from a resin and stone mix and are engraved with numbers and symbols. Featuring two of each number 0-20 along with two minus, plus and equals maths operation symbols including one multiplication and a division symbol. Children will enjoy using this high-quality Set of Number Sentence Pebbles as they engage in maths games.

Offering lots of learning opportunities and play, these early years resources will become a favourite addition in your maths provision for many years to come!

This Set of Number Sentence Pebbles features:

  • 2 number pebbles for each number 0-20
  • 2 of each maths operation symbols including minus, plus and equals
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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