Set of Up to 100 & Up to 20 Bead Strings

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This Set of Up to 100 & Up to 20 Bead Strings will help teach children about counting, sorting, pattern and sequence. Offer traditional maths resources to help extend children's knowledge of maths concepts while developing fine motor skills.


This Set of Up to 100 & Up to 20 Bead Strings are ideal for children to explore concepts of sequence, pattern and number. The set features 3 longer strings with each having 100 beads, separated in groups of 10 red and 10 white beads. Complete with 6 sets of smaller strings with each having 20 beads, separated in groups of 5 red and 5 white beads.

Offering traditional resources will motivate children to engage in learning and development, whilst also benefiting an enabling environment. Bead strings help to develop skills in counting-on and allow for hands-on opportunities, giving children space to show creative ways of solving a problem. Encourage children to talk about their ideas when using these counting strings to improve mathematical language during play.

This Set of Up to 100 & Up to 20 Bead Strings features:

  • 3 long strings with 100 beads
  • 6 short strings with 20 beads
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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