Make Believe Role Play Resource Collection 4-5yrs

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Provide opportunities for enriched dramatic play and support story language with this ready-made Role Play Make Believe Resource Collection 4-5yrs. Features dress up costumes and props, children will enjoy acting out characters, scenarios and events as they explore this essential pretend play set.


This ready-made Role Play Make Believe Resource Collection 4-5yrs includes popular fantasy costumes with supporting props. Featuring an engaging mix of dress up clothes with themed resources to inspire story language and develop communication skills.

Children can immerse themselves in imaginative play, express their creativity and experiment with story structure as they explore this provision area. From a dragon to a superhero, princess to a pirate, this range of resources will inspire children to act out fantasy roles and themed characters.

This carefully curated role play set has been developed to support fantasy based, imaginative play and will provide you with a rapid solution to refresh resources for pretend play.

This Role Play Make Believe Resource Collection 4-5yrs includes:

  • Costumes featuring a royal cape with jewelled crown, a Knights cape with soft helmet, a dragon cape with soft claw gloves, 2 superhero capes with reversible eye masks, Little Red Riding Hood velvet cape and 4 open-ended role play chiffon wraps
  • Assorted story props features a wooden wand, fairy wand and a magician’s wand, a Turban, a Captain Hook hat, a brown waistcoat with gold trim, feather boa, floral fan, tiara, frilly coloured bag, purse, a rainbow veil, 1 Plastic Red Apple, a large pirate chest, a red velvet pouch, a bag of 20 natural 4cm discs, a wooden pirate cutlass, and a set of clear and blue glass treasure nuggets
  • 1 Woven Natural Basket with carry handle and 2 Lidded Basket Pots
  • 1 Multi Stripe Rug, approx. 60cm x 90cm
  • Suitable for age 4 and over

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