Occupations Role Play Collection

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This Occupations Role Play Collection features costumes with props to inspire dramatic play. Support communication skills and help children make sense of real-life situations with our people who help us, dress up play set.


Help early years children make sense of the world with this complete Occupations Role Play Collection. Featuring people who help us costumes with supporting props, children will enjoy acting out real-life characters wearing these popular costumes.

Dramatic play supports social skills, language and communication as children engage in make believe situations and pretend play scenarios. Children will enjoy immersing themselves in imaginative play, as they experiment with story structure and practise different leadership roles. From a police officer to a paramedic, astronaut to a nurse, this range of resources will inspire children to role play characters from their everyday lives.

Capture children’s fascination with real life occupations through imaginative play to support new language and emotional development.

This Occupations Role Play Collection includes:

  • Astronaut dress up clothes for 5-7yrs features an all in one costume with matching silver space helmet
  • Nurse dress up clothes for 5-7yrs features a tunic, trousers and facemask
  • Scientist Lab Coat complete with a set of 2 safety glasses
  • Paramedic dress up clothes features 2 Velcro-fastened jackets with bright Day-Glo panels, reflective silver tape and paramedic lettering, complete with trousers
  • Doctors Coat for 5-7yrs, complete with face mask and stethoscope
  • Vets dress up kit for 5-7yrs features a Tunic, face mask and trousers, complete with stethoscope
  • Set of Syringes to enhance a nurse, vet or doctors outfit, features 1 x 5ml, 1 x 10ml and 1 x 20ml
  • Paramedic dress up kit features a Paramedic Jacket with trousers, 5L Utility First Aid Box with five compartment trays, clip lock lid and carry handle, complete with 2 Slings, 2 Bandages and 2 Emergency Blankets
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

Many of our resources are produced in a variety of colours and styles and may vary slightly from those shown, however we guarantee that you will always receive the same quality and value.

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