Complete Domestic Role Play Area 4-5yrs

£2,045.00 exc. VAT (£2,454.00 inc. VAT)

This Complete Domestic Role Play Area 4-5yrs will inspire rich pretend play in the home corner. Young children will enjoy playing familiar roles and acting out family life routines as they explore this ready-made set of early years resources and home corner furniture.


This ready-made Complete Domestic Role Play Area 4-5yrs features a complete set of wooden play furniture, along with a curated set of early years resources. Having good quality pretend play furniture, along with real-life home objects, will enhance learning in the home corner for many years to come. 

Chosen to support imaginative rich play, this collection features a robust set of wooden kitchen furniture which includes an individual cooker with hob, a washing machine, a dishwasher with sink and a fridge freezer, coming complete with table and chairs. The set also includes a robust wooden pram with rubber wheels, a baby cot with linen, iron and ironing board, a wooden clothes dryer and a cleaning resource kit. Perfect pretend play resources for children to explore as they try to make sense of their world and of familiar routines.

This complete provision area also includes our curated collection of real-life role play resources, featuring a wooden breakfast tea set featuring play biscuits, eggs in egg cups, a complete tea making and serving set and a toaster; a home baking and cooking set including metal muffin and pie tins, saucepans, a balti dish, storage canisters, along with a measuring jug and sand timer; a wash and feed baby role play set which includes dolls, towels, toys and feeding equipment, and a small pets at home set.

Encourage collaborative rich play while supporting early communication and language skills by offering a good mix of real-life objects and pretend play resources in your home corner.

This Complete Domestic Role Play Area 4-5yrs includes:

  • Kitchen Wooden Play Furniture featuring a Fridge Freezer approx. 40cm x 31cm x 84cm, a Oven & Hob approx. 40cm x 31cm x 68cm, a Washing Machine approx. 40cm x 31cm x 68cm and a Sink & Dishwasher approx. 40cm x 31cm x 68cm
  • Dining wooden Table and Chairs, table approx. 76cm x 52cm x H55cm and two chairs, each approx. H32cm
  • Housekeeping set featuring a wooden Iron & Ironing Board, Clothes Airer, a Dustpan and Brush with Metal blue Bucket, a Sweeping Brush, basket and a set of wooden clothes pegs
  • Domestic Role Play Set 3-5yrs resource collection
  • Suitable for age 4 and over

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