Flat Wooden Shapes Set

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Complete your well-resourced block area with this versatile Flat Wooden Shapes Set. Encourage learning based play by offering your KS1 children open-ended play blocks and board bases. This will support early problem solving skills as well as learning core mathematical concepts of shape and balance.



Children will enjoy using this Flat Wooden Shapes Set as they build and construct imagined houses, stables and lots of imaginative structures. As children balance different board pieces and chose the next wooden piece to place, this will develop their mathematical knowledge and skills as well as develop problem solving abilities.

Including a range of different sizes and shapes, this set of MDF flat wooden cut outs will engage and inspire young children to learn about the properties of space and shape. Due to the open-ended nature of this resource, plenty of exploration, imaginative construction, storytelling and collaborative play will be supported, making it an essential addition for your KS1 Block provision.

This Flat Wooden Shapes Set includes:

  • 15 MDF Cut Out Wooden 2D shapes includes square, rectangular, triangular, circle and oval shapes with a set of 3 graduated in size daub shapes
  • Suitable for age 5 and over

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