Small Block Resource Collection 3-4yrs

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Help pre-school children develop their problem solving skills and support exciting early block play with this challenging Small Block Resource Collection 3-4yrs. Watch as children stack and balance open-ended wooden shapes, play blocks and boxes, along with a range of wooden peg dolls in assorted stained finishes, as their fine and gross motor skills develop.


This challenging Small Block Resource Collection 3-4yrs will inspire young children to be adventurous, imaginative and creative. As they balance different shapes and build unique structures, children will develop their problem solving skills and persist in finding solutions.

Including a range of wooden play blocks, tagua counting beads, boxes and a mix of wooden peg people in different stained finishes, shapes and sizes, this collection will encourage children to express their ideas through the use of open-ended exploration and creative construction. Support children as they begin to make independent choices, chose appropriate materials and practise their storytelling skills with this essential early years resource set.

This Small Block Resource Collection 3-4yrs includes:

  • Set of MDF Board Pieces includes: 4 Thin Rectangular Boards approx. 21.5cm x 7cm x 0.4cm, 4 Small Rectangular Boards approx. 12.5cm x10.5cm x 0.4cm, 4 Large Square Boards approx. 17.5cm x17.5cm x 0.4cm, 4 Large Rectangular Boards 21.5cm x 16cm x 0.4cm, 4 Medium Rectangular Boards 21.5cm x 10cm x 0.4cm
  • Set of Large Basic Blocks includes 56 wooden pieces, featuring assorted shapes including columns, cuboids, triangular pyramids and arches
  • Set of Wooden Shapes & Objects includes 9 Large Wooden Diabolos, 9 Large Wooden Spools, a Set of Wooden Cotton Reels, 18 Wooden Flat Discs includes 12 large and 6 small wooden wheels, and a set of 12 Wooden Serviette Rings
  • Set of 2 Wooden House Boxes includes 1 approx. H22.5cm x W19.5cm, and 1 approx. H25cm x W22.5cm
  • Set of Wooden Rainbow and Mirrored Blocks includes 24 pieces total, 12 of each type
  • Set of 9 Wooden Figures includes small, medium and large, featured in 3 colours – light, medium and dark stain finish
  • Set of Tagua Beads
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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