Polar Life Collection

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Support imaginative play and understanding of the world with this Polar Life Collection. This ready-made small world resource set will develop rich language and social skills, as children engage in stories about colder climates and artic regions!


Support children’s early story-telling skills with this ready-made Polar Life Collection. Featuring a range of popular small world animals, with a set of unique plastic ice-like chunks. This early years resource set is rich in possibilities for communication and language development.

Encourage creative expression by offering a range of real life and fantasy based small world resources to the provision, to allow children to recreate familiar experiences in play, invent stories and develop narratives. Providing ready-made sets of small world ideas and activities in the classroom will encourage broader learning as children develop confidence in sharing ideas when playing, learning to negotiate and co-operate as part of a group.

To further enhance the provision and support children’s understanding of the world, add a range of themed collections to extend learning.

This Polar Life Collection includes:

  • Small World Play Animals featuring snow leopards, polar bears, seals, penguins, arctic foxes, wolves, hares and an assortment of penguins
  • Small World Scenery features a set of clear acrylic ice chunks
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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