Set of Royal Family Characters

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Small world is an area where children can imitate characters and engage in imaginative play using figures, scenery and props. This Set of Royal Family Characters will develop new language and social skills, as stories of Kings and Queen are resembled through play.


Encourage children to engage in imaginative stories with this Set of Royal Family Characters. Offering an exciting range of themed characters will support imaginative play while promoting story telling skills.

Through the early years children are increasingly drawn to make believe and by adding this Royal Family Set, which features a King and Queen, with a Prince and Princess, this essential set will provide the basis for sophisticated narratives.

Children enjoy imitating increasingly elaborate characters and stories, settings and plot details as they begin to consolidate their language, organise their thoughts and imaginative ideas with small world play.

This Set of Royal Family Characters includes:

  • 4 small world fantasy figurines featuring a Queen, King, Prince and Princess
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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