Garden Wildlife Book Set 3-7yrs

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This ready-made Garden Wildlife Book Set 3-7yrs offers popular children’s books about mini beasts, bugs and garden creatures. Extend outdoor learning by including reading materials about our natural world, to encourage early curiosity and enquiry skills.


This Garden Wildlife Book Set 3-7yrs offers a carefully curated, ready-made set that will extend learning and support children’s communication and language skills, whilst prompting discussions about insects, creatures and birds.

Offering quality literature within your provision supports a love of reading and enables children to learn so much more about the world around them. Linked to popular themes, the books can help to build on classroom topics and extend discussions.

Extend outdoor learning through play by providing a variety of outdoor resources alongside these books to allow children to engage in enquiry and share ideas about the natural environment.

This Garden Wildlife Book Set 3-7yrs includes:

  • Set of 3 children's books with a focused theme of creatures, bugs and animals seen in the garden - continually refreshed to include recently published titles
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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