Set of Weaving Mats

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Establish the benefits of outdoor learning with this Set of Weaving Mats. Transient art offers opportunities for children to engage in loose parts play - allowing them to represent their creative ideas and develop their fine motor skills.


Children can begin to explore shape, size, and pattern, with this natural Set of Weaving Mats as art and design activities are explored in the great outdoors!

Whether working independently using these larger scale floor craft mats or in groups to create unique 3D designs, children can express their ideas and develop fine motor skills as they engage in loose parts play.

Establish the benefits of outdoor learning with these flexible natural weaving frames - an essential set of resources to support transient art activities.

This Set of Weaving Mats features:

  • 6 Weaving Mats including 3 square and 3 natural craft floor mats
  • Suitable for 3 and over

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