Sack Cart

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Help children to easily move larger building resources with this child-size Sack Cart. Offer practical tools for the outdoor environment to support physical skills and self-confidence in early learners. Robust and made for outdoor use, this strong and sturdy frame will last for many years. A great tool for easy lifting, pushing or pulling when transporting materials.


Children thrive from opportunities to help during play. By offering practical outdoor equipment such as this robust child-sized Sack Cart, children can safely move heavier resources around the play area. Produced by a Danish manufacturer with the highest quality materials, this trolley will support physical skills as children manipulate and balance materials onto the cart and steer them around carefully.

Help establish the benefits of outdoor learning through functional outdoor tools to support communication and language skills, as children work together during play. Include this robust Sack Cart in the outdoor learning environment to inspire extra challenge for young learners.

As children operate this resource their physical ability will be tested and collaboration with peers will be supported as children problem solve during play.

This Sack Cart features:

  • 1 child-sized Sack Cart, approx. H73cm x W31cm x D41cm
  • Suitable for age 3 and over

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